Virtual Assistant offering Admin and Marketing support to small businesses and self-employed professionals 

Marketing and Website


Invoicing and collection of payments to ensure a healthy cash flow as well as basic bookkeeping functionalities.

  • Diploma in PR and Social Media 

Office Support

About Me

  • BBA - Bachelor of Business Admin degree in marketing​
  • IMM (Institute of Marketing Management) Diploma in Marketing

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General office support functions as well as data capture, writing contracts for employees, suppliers and contractors, writing and maintaining business terms and conditions.

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‘There is no time like the present’ - Mary de la Riviere Manley



Assist with bespoke projects or tasks and liaising with third party companies to ensure projects are launched to the business's specifications.

  • MBM – Marketing and Business Management Diploma

Bespoke Tasks or Projects

​​My mission is simply to take away your admin pains and complete the Admin and Marketing jobs that you hate; by providing you with the highest quality and the most cost-effective service available.

Competent and Reliable
- I will always meet or exceed my goals and promises; otherwise I do not make them.
Honest and Trustworthy - I
have a transparent business model and strive for long-term relationships with all my clients. Together we can achieve your objectives.
Fast, Efficient and Cost effective - I recognize how expensive it is to hire staff therefore; using my skills and expertise; I aim to work as quickly and efficiently as possible on your task or project.
Quality and Vision - Customer service is fundamental in all businesses and is certainly the foundation for mine. I want to help you achieve your business goals and objectives by taking away your administration pains.

I am a Virtual Assistant offering Admin and Marketing Services to Self Employed Professionals and Small Businesses from just an hour a month, since 2012.

I have 22 years experience working within different sectors and industries from Manufacturing to Retail (Apparel, Luxury goods, Telecoms) and B2B Telecoms.

My previous job roles gave me valuable insight into the admin and marketing pains that small businesses and self-employed professionals deal with on a day to day basis, so much time is wasted on admin tasks - time that could be better utilised on their core business.
The support function and services I offer from Potters Bar, Hertfordshire is catered towards businesses across all industries and sectors in the UK.

Marketing support as well as researching and preparing leaflets, adverts, brochures or data sheets for the products and services offered. Website amendments and additions. Assist with basic HR functionalities including pre-screening CV’s and assisting with interviews.

Invoicing and Collections